About Us

ThreeIVSeven is a black owned candle company that not only provides quality candles but spreads awareness about selfcare.

Naming my business ThreeIVSeven was a tribute to the borough that raised me. Any business sense I have came from living in the concrete jungle. The meaning of the numbers was just confirmation. 

Three: creative power, growth, completeness

IV: creation, balance, totality  

Seven: completeness, perfection

I've always had a love for selfcare even as a child/teenager before I had a name for it. I always set time for myself to do my nails, to do my hair, to read a book or write.  I began incorporating candles into myself care routine a little after college. I love when a scent evokes an emotion, sparks a memory or just adds comfort to the room. ThreeIVSeven aims to provide this for you with our hand made candles created with coconut soy wax, crackling wooden wicks and non toxic fragrance oils.