3 affirmations to help battle imposter syndrome

3 Affirmations to Help Battle Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome is real when those blessings start pouring in. Life is funny and sometimes things that may not seem like a blessing are really happening for the greater good. I'm here to encourage you Tribe.  
You deserve all the good things that are happening. You once prayed for where you are today so no matter what it may look like now, just know that all things workout for the greater good if you believe it will. Don't get into your own way. Keep on pushing. Whatever you do, don't fumble the bag that you asked God for! This is your time to shine!
Yes Three IV Seven is all about self care but self care isn't just about face mask and candles. Self care is also showing up for yourself even when you are feeling undeserving or overwhelmed. Some times self care is putting the work in to make ourselves better. 
Here are 3 affirmations to help you battle Imposter Syndrome:
1. Everything I want is already mine.
2. I attract all good things that are for me.
3. I deserve all the luxuries coming to me.